Following this simple advise will save you money and frustration. You're not likely to find a new telescope that's useable in a local store.

Those you find at WalMart, Big 5 and other local stores are sure to cause more frustration than pleasure.

Please contact any club officer (from the listing on our home page) and they'll be glad to help you find a good telescope. A club member may even have a used telescope at a good price!

Reasons you will not find a useable telescope at a local store in the Midland/Odessa area.

1. The telescope mount (legs and mounting bracket) will be too flimsy.
2. Any but the lowest power eyepiece that comes with the telescope will be terrible.
3. No one at the store will be able to help you learn to set up and use the telescope.

You do not have to become a club member to get help in buying a telescope!

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