To get access to all the files and old messages at the egroup you must have a Yahoo username and password.  (If you are already a member of the group but you are not registered with Yahoo, you can still register to get a Yahoo username and password.)

If you already have a Yahoo username and password, just sign in and use the Join This Group link on the same page.  Just make sure to leave a comment with your real name so we can verify your club membership.

Here's how to get a Yahoo username and password:

Go to  NOTE: When you click on this link, a new browser window (or tab) will open in another window and these instructions will stay here in this window.  You can refer back to these instructions by moving back and forth between the windows (or tabs) during the registration process.

In the Yahoo Groups window, click on the Sign Up link.


Then type in a new username and password and complete the registration form.  Note that there are a couple of check boxes already checked showing that you want to receive notices, offers, etc.  Uncheck those boxes unless you want annoying email from Yahoo.  Also, uncheck the offer for a Yahoo email address if you don't want it.

Don't forget to type in the word you see inside the box at the bottom of the form:


Now click the Submit This Form button.

If you have selected a username that is already in use, or if you have failed to answer one or more of the required fields in the registration form, you'll have to take care those fields before you can complete registration - you'll get a correction page when you submit the form.

Next, you'll activate your account by furnishing an alternate email address unless you've elected to use the Yahoo email address that comes free with your registration. You should use the email address you'll be using to send and receive message from the group.  (The Yahoo email address will be your  Any other email address will be considered an "alternate" email address.)

Now, Yahoo will send instructions to the email address you provided.  Check it for new mail and you should find an email from Yahoo.  Follow the instructions - just hit the Reply button and send it back.  If you do not see a message from Yahoo within an hour you might want to check your spam box.

After Yahoo receives the email back, a message will indicate:

Click on the Continue To Yahoo link.

Next, you should be at a page titled:


Click on the My Groups link.

Now, if your group (westtxastro) is not shown, click on Membership Wizard link.

If the Membership Wizard doesn't find the group, use the Email Preferences link to verify you have entered the correct email address - the one you've been using for the group.  If not, Add the correct address.

Sometimes Yahoo's database is slow in updating (or even unavailable) so you might have to wait a few minutes and try again.  It also might not hurt to Sign Out and then Sign In again if it has problems finding your group.  You should be able to do either from  (This is also the url you'll want to bookmark for the group for future use.)

If you would prefer to read the emails on the web and not get them in your email, you can change your preferences in the Yahoo group membership.  Just click the Edit Membership link near the top of the group page.  You should remember, though, that if you don't have the messages emailed to you as they're sent, you might miss last-minute details about observing sessions, meetings, etc.  You can also add or change your preferred email address when you edit your membership settings.

If you have and problems or questions, please email Les.

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