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The Star Party Indicator

The Star Party Indicator is our way of letting everybody know whether the upcoming Star Party or Dark Site Viewing Session is a go or no-go. It will be updated with a final verdict approximately 2 hours before the proposed meeting time. Don't forget to refresh your browser if it doesn't automatically do it for you.

Prior to the final verdict, a prediction will be posted based on the weather outlook. This will hopefully help people plan ahead of time.

To avoid confusion, please make note of the different symbols used (hover your mouse over the indicator on the main page to see text) : 

Star Party is ON!   Star Party will be held - Final Verdict.

Star Party is CANCELLED   Star Party Cancelled - Final Verdict.

Check Back Later   We predict that the Star Party should be held - check back later.

Check Back Later   We predict that the Star Party will be clouded out - check back later.

Too Early to Tell   It's too early to tell anything yet.

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